These laser-cut models are made to 1:100 scale from Italian poplar, gaboon ply and acrylic. Most are designed to be user-assembled, but are also available ready-made if required. Some models are currently available ONLY ready-made.

Considerable care has been taken to ensure that the models are as robust as possible, and that the clean lines of the original are not compromised by the construction techniques used for the models.

Generally the models are of mid-century modern buildings that are sympathetic to the materials used for the kits.

Full instructions are provided with each kit where applicable.

To purchase, please contact me.

Farnsworth House
Plano, Illinois
Mies van der Rohe

This, the last realised house design by Mies van der Rohe, is one of the most readily recognisable houses on Earth. Built for Dr Edith Farnsworth, this single-person dwelling measures only 55' x 28' (roughly 17m x 9m) and consists essentially of three horizontal planes connected by vertical steel pillars which suround but do not visibly support them. The glass envelope encloses a central living island which, together with its surrounding space, is enough to accommodate one person in comfort or up to three people for short periods of time.

The model includes the central "island".

Dimensions: 300mm x 180mm

Available as built model only.

Price NZ$125 incl GST.

Henderson HouseHenderson House
Alexandra, Central Otago
Ernst Plischke

The Henderson House, designed for Barbara and Russell Henderson in 1950, occupies a hillside site in Alexandra, Central Otago, overlooking the Clutha River.  Barbara Henderson approached Plischke to undertake the project after reading his 1947 book “Design and Living”.

The house, costing £3,500, was a functional and critical success.  It is the only house that Plischke designed in New Zealand that uses stone in its construction (although he had previously designed a stone house in Europe before emigrating to New Zealand in 1939, so felt confident with this material).  The bluestone was quarried from the actual house site.

The house is now owned by the Henderson Arts Trust, which has an artists-in-residence programme.  Over the years, the building has been significantly modified.  The model is of the house as it was originally built and depicts the upper (street level) floor only.

Dimensions: 230mm x210mm

Available as built model only.

Price NZ$75.00

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