making coffee with the atomic

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Getting Organised

Making coffee with the Atomic is pretty much the same as making coffee with anything else. You need fresh beans, freshly ground in a clean burr grinder, a clean Atomic, clear fresh water, cold milk.

Lifting Atomic Coffeemaker

Making the Brew

Grind the coffee medium fine, about the consistency of fine table sugar. Fill the filter basket to about 3mm from the top, do not tamp!

Fill Atomic with 0.5 litres of water (jug full). Close filler knob and steam valve.

Put on heat source and wait for coffee to brew. When the trickle of water turns to steam, remove from the heat unless you plan to froth milk. The brew cycle typically takes about 8-10 minutes from whoa to go.


Using the Steam Wand

If you plan to make froth with the steam wand, leave the Atomic on the heat source while you do so.

Open the red steam valve (anti-clockwise) and release any water in the wand before you start frothing. Put the tip of the steam wand just under the surface of the milk, angled slightly off vertical so that the milk starts to revolve in the jug. Remember you cannot froth warm milk, so it essential to get your froth first, and heat the milk only after the froth has formed.

When you finish making froth, wrap the end of the steam wand in a damp cloth for a few seconds to remove any milk residue.


If steam starts escaping from the safety valve in the filler cap, or around the edges of the coffee clamp, the most likely culprits are either (a) coffee ground too fine; (b) scale build up in the neck tube; or (c) a faulty pressure-release valve.

In general, you should not adjust the prerssure-release valve unless you have equipment to test the pressure setting. If you have established this is your problem, you are probably best advised to obtain a replacement filler knob.