Paul Howell's method for removing a frozen filler knob

Paul Howell writes: You can use this information as you see fit.  I don't want to be responsible for any damage to anyones units, however I thought some of the advice around the net was a little destructive, so here is a more gentle way to remove the knob.  You can see from the images how I got it off. 

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I used two pieces of 300mm (1 foot) long 50mm x 25mm (2x1 inch) soft pine and a 3mm spacer between them. I clamped these three bits of wood together. Using a hole saw (2inch - 51mm) I cut a hole right at one end.

Then I removed the spacer (making a gap when the wood is clamped to the knob, ensuring a tight fit).
  I drilled two holes for bolts through the wood
HoleMaking - removing frozen filler knob Atomic   DrillHoles - Remove Atomic filler knob
I positioned the wood around trhe Atomic knob as shown and attached the bolts.  

I also attached a large C clamp to really clamp on.  Using a soft wood you should hear the wood crackle slightly as the ridges in the knob are compressed into the wood, this makes sure you are spreading the load and getting a really tight fit. Make sure that before you turn, the wood and clamps are not going to touch the aluminium body. Gently turn the wooden contraption anti clockwise. It now makes the best coffee I have ever had!

Fitting clamp to remove Atomic filler knob   C-Clamp to remove Atomic filler knob