If you think a structured process for working through problems, plans and opportinities would be helpful, then you might like to consider using my expertise.

I work with individuals and small teams, such as management and work teams, to assist with the developmenmt of smarter thinking that is objective, logical, ethical and based on the principles of value exchange.

My expertise is unique and therefore difficult to label conveniently, but it covers aspects of adaptive leadership, systems thinking, team building, action learning and problem solving. If you have an adaptive (people-related) problem that is difficult to solve, call me. If we can't solve it together, at the very least you will acquire a new way of looking at it.

My past experience includes working with local government, the health service, science organisations and power utilities in both New Zealand and Australia.

Projects I have led range from strategic change to process improvement, problem solving workshops, team building and risk analysis. I never give advice. I just work with you to help you discover the solutions to your own problems.

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