These are second-hand books, so will generally show signs wear and may have marks or inscriptions. Prices are marked. $POA does not imply a high price; it just means I haven't gotten around to putting a price on yet. Condition codes in parentheses are:
LN Like new (little or no shelfwear, no marks or inscriptions)
VG Very good (looks excellent, may have an inscription)
F Fair to good (noticeable signs of wear, possibly marks or inscriptions)
P Poor (worn or tatty)

Please contact me if interested, and I will happily provide specific details about condition. All prices are in NZ dollars and exclude shipping.


1950s ShowThe 1950s Show : NZ Home & Building Souvenir Edition. Beckett 1992. Soft cover 112p. ISBN 0-86463-189-8. (VG) $10

BrownellBrownell & Wright. Architecture and Modern Life. Harper 1937. Hbk, no DJ, 339p. (VG - 1mm tear at top of spine, otherwise near fine) $65

CoonleyCasey, Dennis. Coonley Playhouse Pattern Book : Windows from a 1912 building designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Author 2002. Soft cover, spiral bound, 42p. ISBN 0-9724559-4-9 (LN) $15

DrexlerDrexler, Arthur. The Drawings of Frank Lloyd Wright. Horizon Press 1962. Hbk, DJ, 320p. ISBN 0-8180-0019-8. (VG) $40

FearnleyFearnley, Charles. Early Wellington Churches. Millwood 1977. Hbk, DJ, 224p. ISBN 0-908582-00-3. (VG signed) $30

FowlerFowler & Van der Voort. The New Zealand House. Lansdowne Press 1983. Hbk, DJ, 180p. ISBN 0-86866-072-8. (VG) $10

Functioal ArchitectureFunctional Architecture : The International Style 1925-1940. Benedikt Taschen 1990. HBk, DJ, 400p. (LN) $35

Gutheim, Frederick (ed). Frank Lloyd Wright On Architecture: Selected Writings 1894-1940. Duell Sloan and Pearce 1941 [4th printing]. Hbk, no DJ, 275p. (VG) $30

Gutheim, Frederick (ed). Frank Lloyd Wright On Architecture: Selected Writings 1894-1940. Duell Sloan and Pearce 1941 [1st edition]. Hbk, DJ, 275p. (VG) $POA

In the CauseGutheim, Frederick (ed). In the Cause of Architecture. Frank Lloyd Wright. Wright's Historic Essays for Architectural Record 1908-1952. Architectural Record 1975. Hbk, DJ, 246p. ISBN 0-07-025350-1. (VG price-clipped) $50

Haarhoff, Errol. Guide to the Architecture of Central Auckland. Balasoglou Books 2005. Soft cover, 124p. ISBN 0-9582625-6-X. (LN) $POA

[Hitchock, Russell]. Modern Architecture in England. Museum of Modern Art 1937. Limited edition of 3,000 copies. Hbk, no DJ. (F) $35

LookingHodgson, Terence. Looking at the Architecture nof New Zealand. Grantham House, 1990. Hbk, DJ, 110p. ISBN 1-86934-025-6. (VG) $15

Demolished HousesHughes, Joy (ed). Demolished Houses of Sydney. Historic Houses Trust of NSW 1999. Soft cover, 144p. ISBN 0-949753-81-5. (VG) $75

IvesIves, Heather. The Art Deco Architecture of Napier. MOWD 1982. Softcover, 80p. (VG) $65

Australia ArchitectureJohnson, Donald L. Australian Architecture 1901-51: Sources of Modernism. Sydney University Press 1980. Hbk, DJ, 234p. ISBN 0-424-00071-7. (LN) $50

HoveyKent, Cheryl (ed). The Nature of Dwellings : The Architecture of David Hovey. Rizzoli 2004. Hbk, DJ, 208p. ISBN 0-8478-2645-7. (LN) $30

WairarapaKernohan, David. Wairarapa Buildings: Two Centuries of New Zealand Architecture. Wairarapa Archive 2003. Softcover, 272p. (VG signed) $35

Kernohan, David. Wellington's New Buildings. VUP 1989. Pbk, 222p. ISBN 0-86473-085-3. (VG) $15

Kernohan, David. Wellington's Old Buildings. VUP 1994. Pbk, 240p. ISBN 0-86473-267-8. (VG) $15

Knight & Wales. Buildings of Dunedin : An Illustrated Architectural Guide to New Zealand's Victorian City. McIndoe 1988. Pbk, 269p. (F) $40

LiskarLiskar, Elisabeth (ed). E.A. Plischke : Katalog zur Ausstellung 1983 an der Akademie der bildenden Kunste. 1983. Softcover, 174p. ISBN 3-85441-004-2 (LN) $95

Long, Christopher. Josef Frank: Like and Work. University of Chicago Press 2002. Hbk, DJ, 384p. ISBN 0-226-49266-4. (LN) $40

LandmarksMcGill, David. Landmarks: Notable Historic Buildings of New Zealand. Phantom House 2005. Rev.ed. Soft cover, 258p. ISBN 0-9582388-5-5. (VG) $25

Maclean, Susan. Architect of the Angels: The Churches of Frederick De Jersey Clere. Steele Roberts 2003. Hbk, DJ, 208p. ISBN 1-877228-68-0. (VG signed) $35

CircleMartin, J et al. Circle: International Survey of Constructive Art. Faber 1971. Reprint of 1937 edition. Soft cover, 292p. ISBN 0-57109553-4 (F) $25

Built For UsMartin, Lewis. Built For Us: The Work of Government and Colonial Architects, 1860s to 1960s. University of Otago Press 2004. Hbk, imagewrap, 191p. ISBN 1-877276-64-2. (LN) $29

Meehan, Patrick J (ed). Truth Against the World : Frank Lloyd Wright Speaks for an Organic Architecture. Wiley Interscience 1987. Hbk, DJ, 473p. ISBN 0-47184509-4. (LN) $45

Elegant ShedMitchell & Chaplin. The Elegant Shed : New Zealand Architecture Since 1945. Sofcover, 112p. ISBN 0-19-558125-3. (VG) $65

Tomorrow's HouseNelson & Wright. Tomorrow's House.Simon & Schuster 1945. Hbk, no DJ, 214p. [2nd printing]. (VG) $35

Papadakis et al. Deconstruction (Omnibus Volume). Academy Editions 1989. Large softcover, 264p. ISBN 0-85670-967-0 (F) $25

Pfeiffer, Bruce Brooks (ed.). Frank Lloyd Wright: Collected Writings Vol 1 1894-1930. Rizzoli 1992. Softcover, 352p. ISBN 0-8478-1547-1. (VG) $25

Pfeiffer, Bruce Brooks (ed.). Frank Lloyd Wright: Collected Writings Vol 2 1930-1932. Rizzoli 1992. Soft cover, 384p. ISBN 0-8478-1549-8. (VG) $10

Pfeiffer, Bruce Brooks (ed.). Frank Lloyd Wright: Collected Writings Vol 3 1931-1939. Rizzoli 1993. Hbk, DJ, 352p. ISBN 0-8478-1699-0. (VG) $20

Pfeiffer, Bruce Brooks (ed.). Frank Lloyd Wright: Collected Writings Vol 4 1939-1949. Rizzoli 1994. Soft cover, 384p. ISBN 0-8478-1804-7. (VG) $20

Pfeiffer, Bruce Brooks (ed.). Frank Lloyd Wright:Collected Writings Vol 5 1949-1959. Rizzoli 1995. Hbk, DJ, 352p. ISBN0-8478-1854-3. (LN) $25

+++ Or buy the set of Collected Writings Vols 1-5 for $90 +++

LettersPfeiffer, Bruce Brooks (ed.). Frank Lloyd Wright: Letters to Apprentices. California State University Press 1982. Hbk, DJ, 211p. (LN) $POA

GuggenheimPfeiffer, Bruce Brooks (ed.). Frank Lloyd Wright: The Guggenheim Correspondence. Southern Illinois University Press 1986. Hbk, DJ, 308p. ISBN 0-8093-1317-0 (LN) $35

DALPlishke, E.A. Design and Living. NZ Dept of Internal Affairs 1947. Soft cover, 92p. (F) $90

Rewi & Sarginson. Architects at Home: Thirty New Zealand Architects & Their Houses. Shoal Bay Press 1995. Soft cover, 184p. ISBN 0-908704-32-1. (VG) $15

RosenfeldRosenfeld, Max (ed). The New Zealand House. 4th ed. Author 1954. Pbk, 167p. (P) $25

Schrader, Ben. We Call It Home: A History of State Housing in New Zealand. Reed 2005. Pbk, 272p. ISBN 0-7900-0997-8. (VG) $45

Progressive ArchitectureSelected Houses from "Progressive Architecture". Reinhold n.d. [1st edition] Spiral bound, 160p. (F) $65

GuggenheimThe Solomon Guggenheim Museum. Horizon Press 1960. Hbk, DJ, 72p. (VG) $40

SeidlerSpigelman, Alice. Almost Full Circle: Harry Seidler A Biography. Brandl & Schlesinger 2001. Pbk, 389p. ISBN 1-876040-15-7. (LN) $20

StacpooleStacpoole & Beaven. New Zealand Art: Architecture 1820-1970. Reed 1972, Hbk, DJ, 108p. ISBN 0-589-00475-1. (F) $15

BibliographySweeney, Robert L. Frank Lloyd Wright An Annotated Bibliography. Hennesset & Ingalls 1978. Hbk, DJ, 303p. ISBN 0-912158-57-3. (LN) $30

About WrightTafel, Edgar (ed). About Wright : An Album of Recollections by Those Who Knew Frank Lloyd Wright. Wiley 1993. Soft cover, 326p. ISBN 0-471-11923-7. (VG) $15

ConcreteThornton, Geoffrey. Cast in Concrete: Concrete Construction in New Zealand 1850-1939. Reed 1996. Hbk, DJ, 240p. ISBN 0-7900-0468-2. (F) $40

ToomathToomath, William. Built in New Zealand : The Houses We Live In. Harper Collins 1996. Softcover, 194p. ISBN 1-86950-219-1. (VG) $25

MelbourneVan Schaik, Leon. Design City Melbourne. Wiley 2006. Large soft cover, 288p. ISBN 978-470-01641-1. (LN) $20

WagnerWagner, Otto. Modern Architecture : A Guidebook for his students to this field of art. Translated from the 1902 edition. Getty Center 1988. Softcover, 185p. ISBN 0-226-86939-3. (VG) $POA

WaldenWalden, Russell. Finnish Harvest : Kaija and Heikki Sirens' Chapel in Otaniemi. Otava 1998. Hbk, DJ, 142p. ISBN 951-1-15411-7. (VG) $80

ModernismWeston, Richard. Modernism. Phaidon 1996. Hbk, DJ, 240p. ISBN 0-7148-2879-3. (VG) $25

Early VisionsWright, Frank Lloyd. Early Visions [The Complete Frank Lloyd Wright Ausgefuhrte Bauten of 1911...] Grammercy Books 1995. Hbk, DJ, 166p. ISBN 0-517-14722-X. (VG) $POA

Wright, Frank Lloyd. The Living City. Horizon 1958. [1st edition]. Hbk, DJ, 224p. (VG) $45

Natural HouseWright, Frank Lloyd. The Natural House. Horizon 1954 [1st edition] Hbk, DJ, 223p. (LN) $45

DemocracyWright, Frank Lloyd. When Democracy Builds. University of Chicago Press 1945. [1st edition]. Hbk, no DJ, 131p. (LN) $75

When Democracy BuildsWright, Frank Lloyd. When Democracy Builds. University of Chicago Press 1945. [2nd edition]. Hbk, DJ, 140p. (LN) $45

Man in PossessionWright, Iovanna. Architecture Man in Possession of His Earth : Frank Lloyd Wright. Macdonald 1962. Hbk, DJ, 128p. (F) $15

Man in PossessionWright, Iovanna. Architecture Man in Possession of His Earth : Frank Lloyd Wright. Doubleday 1962. Hbk, DJ, 128p. (VG) $20

YorkeYorke, FRS. The Modern House. 4th re. ed. Architectural Press 1943. Hbk, DJ, 224p. (F) $75

New Small HouseYorke & Whiting. The New Small House. 3rd ed. Architectural Press 1954. Hbk, DJ, 152p. (VG/P) $75


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